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    Lucky always picks the losers of college and pro football. Lucky has a smart pill machine and he is always right...why cause he is the best darn prognosticator in the barn! Join Lucky as he picks the losers of all major sports.

    Join Lucky every week as he fires up that smart pill machine and picks the losers of college and pro football...starting in August of 2015!

    Lucky's Losers, he always picks the losers!

  • Disclaimer

    Lucky's Losers is not a betting site! Lucky picks the losers just for fun. Lucky would never bet on sporting events! Why...cause he is a donkey.

    Listen to Lucky's Losers on Spreaker Radio, MixCloud, or right here on Lucky's Site. Lucky updates the site each week before Thursday's college and pro football games!

    Lucky's Losers, he always picks the losers!


Lucky is Back!

Lucky's Losers is back for another season of picking the losers of college and pro football! Lucky has his smart pill machine ready to go and eager to defend last year's record!

Lucky is right in picking the losers over 72% for college football and 61% in pro football games! Lucky loves his new web site and can't wait to get started picking the losers!

Keep with Lucky's progress here or listen to his broadcast every week before Thursday's games on Spreaker radio or Mixcloud!

Lucky's Losers, he always picks the losers!

Smart Pill Machine!


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